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What do HGV and PSV drivers need to carry at all times

It is often surprising how many drivers don’t know what they need to carry in the cab

I get asked this quite a lot and we have drivers calling up and walking in to buy products (usually digi rolls and defect books) because they have been pulled over and warned by VOSA.

So off the top of my head here is everything that you need to carry:

1) 28 Calendar Days History of Work and Rest – This will include:

  • Any Analogue Tachograph charts which fall within this time period
  • Other work not recorded on the Tachograph. i.e. yard duty, paperwork etc
  • Holiday and sick day information
  • Your Digital Tachograph Card (This is a must even if you are driving an analogue vehicle)

2) DQC – Drivers Qualification Card (if you have completed your driver CPC training or initial CPC)

3) Driving Licence – This is often debated but here is the law as it stands. According to The Road Traffic Act 1988 you are guilty of an offence if you cannot produce your licence when asked by an authorised person, police officer for example. However it is a defence if you produce it within 7 days, counting from the day after the request, at the police station you nominated at the time of the request.

So although you can get away with it you should have your licence and if you do it will save time later.

4) Spare Digital Tachograph Rolls if in a Digital Vehicle (You must have one in the tachograph unit and at least one spare in the cab)

5) Sufficient Analogue Tachograph charts to carry out your daily duty (there is no set amount but you never know when you may need to change vehicle)

6) Defect Reports for the vehicle: NIL Defect Report for that day (Because of course there were no defects on the vehicle you are driving right now)

Now I’m sure you probably carry more than this but these are the things that you are required to carry by law.