Drivers Hours Guard


The Drivers’ Hours Guard System

Driver Hour Guard TS02 system has all the features of the original TS01 Drivers Hours Guard timer but with the added bonus of being able to download the data to a computer for storage and checking.

This TS02 version of the Drivers Hours Guarrd is the most popular device in use in the UK and Europe today and delivers all the information the driver needs to remain compliant with both the driver hours and the working time directive.

At the start of a shift the TS02 Driver Hour Guard checks to make sure you have complied with the minimum daily rest requirements and then displays how long you can work before you need to take a break. 30 minutes before this break is due you will get a friendly reminder that a break is due soon.

Just like the tachograph in your vehicle the Drivers Hours Guard has different modes which allow you to record the different activities such as driving, rest, other work and passive time. NOTE – The Drivers Hours Guard does not replace the tachograph and is to be used as a guide to help drivers remain compliant not as an official record.

At the end of your shift you simply put the timer into Daily Rest mode and it now records your rest period ensuring you comply with the 9 or 11 hour daily rest rule or the 24 & 45 hour weekly rest rule.

Both the Daily driving time and weekly driving times are displayed along with your fortnightly total. The device is capable of warning you if you are coming close to breaking any of the drivers hours or working time directive rules.