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How to check your driver cpc hours have been uploaded

Do you need to prove how many driver cpc courses you have done?

Want to check on how many cpc courses a driver has completed before hiring them?

Worried that the training company you have used was unregistered and has not uploaded your hours?


Here’s how to find out how many driver cpc hours you have done

This is something that has been in the news quite a bit recently as more and more bogus training companies are being exposed when a driver has gone through all 35 hours of the CPC training and then not received the DQC (Driver Qualification Card). Many companies and owner drivers have been caught out by these rogue traders who are not authorised to deliver the training and therefore are unable to upload your hours to the DSA.

Beware many of these rogue traders have been telling drivers that they will receive the card just before the deadline. This is not true.

If you are currently doing your Driver CPC training or have done all 35 hours and not received your DQC then you can see exactly how many hours have been logged against your name by simply going to the website address below.


Once there you simply sign up by giving your driving licence number and your home postcode. The DSA will then send you a password in the post within 10 working days and all you need to do is go back to the website and enter the password and you will be show exactly how many hours have been uploaded under your name.
Don’t panic if you don’t get your card within a week of finishing your last course but I would be concerned if it is not with you within a month of completing your hours. After all once you have completed the training you are legally required to carry your card and you could be fined for not carrying your card once you have completed the training.


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