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Check out our FREE Resources section. We are always adding more information and linking to anything that we think may be useful related to Drivers Hours, The Road Transport Directive and transport operator compliance in general. If you have found anything that you think we should add to this page please let us know in the comments section.

The Ultimate Drivers Hours Handbook

This Complete Guide to the Drivers Hours has been prepared by Chris Allen the head trainer at Chartwise UK a transport consultancy who have been helping drivers and operators stay compliant for over 25 years. The Drivers’ Hours Handbook covers all areas of the Driver Hours Laws and the Working Time Directive with real life examples.


VOSA Drivers Hours Manual

The Department for Transport (DfT) provide a full guide to the EU Drivers Hours Rules which is available to download for free.



Drivers Hours Spreadsheet

This simple spreadsheet helps you to track your drivers hours to make sure you stay compliant with the Drivers’ Hours and working time directive laws.



Drivers Hours in Cab Guide

This one page guide outlines all of the driver hours rules for easy reference and can be kept in all vehicles for quick reference.