Drivers Hours Guard

The Drivers Hours Guard


The drivers hours rules in the UK are complex and are decided not only by the UK department for transport but also the European Union.


The full drivers hours rules can be downloaded here


Drivers hours rules are confusing and can vary greatly depending on your operations and that’s even before we start to throw the Road Transport Directive into the mix.


In order to ensure you always remain compliant there is a really clever product called the “drivers hours guard”. The Drivers hours guard is the most popular timer in use by drivers in the UK. The device is designed to keep track of your driving hours and breaks and can display a range of information to help the driver remain compliant both under the drivers hours rules and the working time directive. This product is very accurate and can help many drivers to take their breaks at the right time and avoid any driver hours or working time directive infringements.

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Driver Hours Guard TS02

Drivers Hours Guard


Drivers and operators should also understand the driver hours rules in full and the Drivers Hours Handbook, which fully explains all the rules with real examples, makes it easy to understand and explain to others. This simple E-Book can be viewed on a smartphone meaning you can take it on the road with you for easy reference.