Driver Hours Handbook

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Claim your FREE copy of the Ultimate Drivers' Hours Handbook. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the EU Drivers' Hours and Working Time Rules to remain compliant. Get your FREE copy now by clicking the link on the right.

Drivers Hours Log Book


Drivers Hours Record Book

Contains 15 weeks of duplicated record sheets.

This book should be used by any professional driver not using a tachograph to record driving hours and breaks. It is also good practice for drivers of vehicles with tachographs fitted to keep this book on their person in case of a fault with the tachograph unit.

Driver Record Book Inside

Driver Log Book


The Drivers Hours Handbook is great. It breaks down all of the the complicated European Laws and makes them so easy to understand. All of the same information is out there in government manuals but it is so difficult to understand that I had never really understood certain parts of the driver hours rules and how it fitted in with the working time directive. The way everything is explained in this manual makes it so easy to understand and the real life examples just help to confirm that unders…
Dave Henderson

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